Our rapid growth and our continued need to innovate and offer new products to our customers led us to make the decision to manufacture some of the products we use. In the first instance, the objective was to manufacture these products in order to control quality, stock and improve the service we received, but later, and due to demand from our environment, it has become a new line of business.


Always with the guarantee that the first to use our products are ourselves.

Our products

FENIX Coconut Natural Coal

100% natural coconut, cubes 26x26x26

Made in indonesia

Extra strong aluminum foil

38 microns x 30 meters with boxed knife

Protective wood bases

Bases to protect your most valuable shisha

Disposable mouthpieces

Single-use nozzles, different sizes and high-quality material

Personal nozzles

Mouthpieces with different designs and colors for personal use

Cyril bowls

Bowls for your tobacco loads, we work different types of mud and different measures

Silicone hoses

Premium silicone hoses, different innovative designs and the most classic

Charcoal Ignition Stoves

Stoves with exclusive designs for lighting your coals

Heat gestures

Different types of managers for managing the burning of your tobacco

Other products

We will complete our offer, our team or collaborating distributors will be able to tell you the latest news about our brand.

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